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    هام و مفيد جدا للثانية باكالورية 1

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    16women working </SPAN>
    There have been a lot of chages in our social life in the last decades .many more women working ,of course ,has the lifestyle of many families
    Many people are worried whether a carrer women can properly care for the children the advantage of women working
    women and men are equal and should also have the right have a job
    women should hlep in the devlopment of theircountry
    carrer mot her are usually educated and so can help their family
    the disadvantage of carrer women : women find ut difficult to take very good care of children while working out side they usually nturn home tired often a day 's work outside the also have to deal with the house work the are left with litter time to care for their childern .
    thes affect a lot the whole family ,and may cause problems for children at schol ....e bc.
    .finally i say that at taking good care children of women /mothers alonne
    man/father should also share this responsibility with their wives
    life is getting very expensive and women to help their family</SPAN>

    Urbanization</SPAN> </SPAN>
    Urbanization refers to a process in which an increasing proportion of entire population lives in cities and the suburbs of cities, this phenomenon has been closely connected with industrialization .
    By the end of this decade, more than half of the world’s population will live in cities making humanity a predominantly urban species for the first time in Its history .
    When more and more inanimate sources of energy were used in to enhance human productivity .surpluses increased economical fields
    Such as industry. Then the larger and larger proportions of population could live in cities.
    Economic forces were such that cities became the ideal places to locate factories and their workers , urbanization is a serious problem that will spoil the natural world in due course .there will be no country-sides and no green places to feel the first endowed natural beauty of this world .

    drop out of school </SPAN>
    Increasing stress in school, at work, and at home has caused many students to drop out of school to escape their problems. </SPAN>
    With this increasing amount of stress and work, some students have become very frustrated and depressed. Students then drop out of school and take the easy way out to eliminate some of that stress. </SPAN>
    Students who are most likely to drop out of school are those who do not have a great interest in school, or students that have many adult responsibilities placed upon them. These problems can force some students into the work force. They do this both to provide money for themselves and to fill the gap that was once school. </SPAN>
    Students in high school do not have to deal with these problems alone. There are guidance counsellors to talk to, as well as close friends and teachers to prevent certain students from dropping out of school. </SPAN>
    Most students that have dropped out of school usually regret it after awhile. Margaret D., a student at G.V.C., regrets that she ever dropped out of school. Although she enjoyed being out of school, she realized she would regret it for the rest of her life. Margaret D. says, "I wasted a year of my life". </SPAN>
    Dealing with the stress and staying in school is generally worth it later on in life</SPAN>

    Pollotion</SPAN> </SPAN>
    By polluting the atmosphere man is destroying this is happening through ignorance and short sight men
    Of the ozone larger leads to many hazads such as diseuse rand global werming this rise in temportre , wish is due to carbon dicide from the smoke of factories and achast fames of whishes causes the meting of the polar ice the rive in sea level and change of the climats .
    We should find solutions others wise living being will face the danger of extinction.</SPAN>


    Brain Drain =</SPAN> هجرة الأد مغة</SPAN> </SPAN></SPAN>(some formation about DB)</SPAN> </SPAN>
    Brain drain" is the phenomena whereby nations lose skilled labor because there are better paid jobs elsewhere. In recent years , this has affected poorer countries more so, as some rich countries tempt workers away, and workers look to escape bleak situations in their poor home countries </SPAN>
    According to , the term " </SPAN>Brain drain</SPAN> " originated in the 1960s, "when many British scientists and intellectuals emigrated to the United States for a better working climate." In recent years, however, the problem of "brain drain " has been acute for poorer countries that lose workers to wealthier countries . </SPAN>

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